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Thomas J. Elpel.

      "Prosperity in the twenty-first century will be created by those who seek profit by making the world a better place. Ecopreneurs will outcompete inefficient, abusive industries by starting green businesses that close the loop on wasted materials, energy, time, money and labor.
Green Prosperity: Quit Your Job, Live Your Dreams.       "They will heal wasted ecosystems and restore biodiversity at a profit while delivering useful goods and services to the public. Homeowners too, will profit by seeking ways to eliminate everything from high energy bills to mortgage payments, even eliminating the need for a regular job. Fortunately, there is no need to wait, for the revolution has already started. The door is wide open, and anyone can walk the path to green prosperity, changing the world every step along the way."

--Thomas J. Elpel, author of
Green Prosperity

The Ecopreneur Experience

Making apple cider with a cider press.

      For those who are interested, the Ecopreneur experience takes the arts of self-sufficiency and caretaking to a whole new level. It is one thing to break free from the Machine and live as a Hunter-Gatherer. It is another to return and build a self-sufficient lifestyle as a Homesteader, and maybe even make a difference as a Caretaker. But at the end of the day, everyone still depends on the money economy to some degree or another. The Ecopreneur experience is intended to empower the individual to create his or her own livilhood and be their own boss, while making a positive difference in the world.

      At Green University® LLC, we don't believe any person should be denigrated to going door-to-door submitting applications and begging for a job. Whether you are interested in a small-scale, short-term enterprise or a full-time green career, the immersion program is the place to discuss and develop green business concepts with Thomas J. Elpel and like-minded students. In particular, we are interested in mentoring people in launching green products and services that make the world a better place at a profit. The more you earn, the more you change the world!

Fleshing a deer hide for tanning buckskin.       Previous students are earning lifetime royalties from projects such as illustrating Tom's book Roadmap to Reality and co-starring in the Art of Nothing Wilderness Survival video Canoe Camping: On a song and a paddle. Other students have manufactured and sold hundreds of bowdrill and handdrill fire kits. We have also seriously considered profit-sharing house-construction enterprises with past students. We have lots of green business ideas to develop already, or you can explore completely new frontiers of your own imagining. There is no obligation to launch a green business project while at Green University®, LLC, although you may be asked to help out with new or existing enterprises.

      At Green University® LLC, we are interested in helping to incubate green business concepts into world-changing reality. Green business projects can be as small scale as downcycling truck tires into tire sandals or as big as launching a construction business that builds high-quality, resource-efficient, self-sustaining homes. You can help develop any of our existing product or business ideas or bounce around ideas of your own for refinement and support in the incubation process. Green business ideas must be legitimately green, rather than just green washing. For example, sustainably harvested building materials imported from the other side of the world are definitely not sustainable. Nor are most of the organic food products sold in health food stores, which are often wrapped in more packaging and shipped farther than the mainstream products they replace.

Stuccoing a house.       On the other hand, building net-zero homes from locally-sourced, recycled junk, or even virgin materials, can be truly green if the house will last for centuries and not need constant inputs of materials and fossil fuels. There are thousands of potential green business opportunities, and it is our ultimate vision to help incubate businesses that will make the world a better place and out-compete wasteful businesses that harm our planet.

Art of Nothing DVD cover.
     Former Green University® student Kris Reed co-hosted volume four Canoe Camping: on a song and a paddle in The Art of Nothing Wilderness Survival Video Series with Thomas J. Elpel.
      Perhaps the greatest challenge is to launch a successful green business and make a difference in the world without being consumed by the Machine in the process. It is important to take the extra time to consider the full ramifications of a green business and build a business that is sustainable to the heart and soul.

      Many participants at Green University® LLC will not be ready to launch a green business venture. But conversations can stimulate future ideas with great potential. And for those who are ready, we can work together to make a lasting difference in the world.

      At the very least, is often possible to earn back some or all of the Green University® LLC tuition. We may be able to find ways to collaborate on worthwhile projects, varying from producing books and videos to launching green businesses. These collaborations don't happen immediately, but require indepth conversations over time and may not materialize until after completion of the Immersion program. Some of our past students have made a net profit from their Green University® LLC experience. In our opinion, that's the way the program should work!

Recommended Reading: To get the most out of the Ecopreneur experience, be sure to familiarize yourself with Tom's book about green economics, which is also relevant to the Homesteader and Caretaker levels:

      -Green Prosperity: Quit Your Job, Live Your Dreams

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      Just ordered your Field Guide to Money (Green Prosperity). It is a great book, I tried to get my library to buy it. They let me read a copy from Boise instead.

Green Prosperity: Quit Your Job, Live Your Dreams.       I've already used some of the principles in this book to get a job at Boulder Hot Springs at Boulder, Montana. I drive over once a month or so, and help them with their Organic food production. I visited Boulder H.S. in April, May and June - helping them learn to grow food in their new geothermal greenhouse. It's a great job. I utilize your ideas about closing waste loops and Wow! - it works great. Small input and RESULTS! Waste streams are so generous!

Thank You!


B. Goodrich
Sandpoint, Idaho

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