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Braintan Buckskin Hide Tanning Class
with Barnes
River Camp: Cardwell, Montana. October 10 - 15, 2017

Smoking a braintanned hide.

      Learn to make soft buckskin from raw deer hides! You will receive a whitetail deer hide and leave with finished buckskin. The hides were skinned and fleshed during the Montana hunting season. You will start off with graining the hide (removing hair and epidermis) using the wet-scrapped method. Next comes braining, membraning, and then the hand-softening process all with homemade tools. Also learn about the various fats that can be used if you don't have access to brains. After softening, we will go on a wood punk gathering expedition, then smoke your buckskin in traditional fashion. The process takes a minimum of four days, with extra time allowed for resoftening as necessary. Finish with the competence to tan your own deer hide from a hunt or roadkill. The class will end with a stewardship day to clean up and give back to the land, plus a photo session to share with friends!

      Instructor Barnes enjoys tanning hides every spring, and is delighted to share this age-old skill with you.

      Cost: $325. Class includes all hide-tanning materials, including the hide. There's ample camping at River Camp in various primitive structures, including an earthlodge and wikiups. Cooking happens over the campfire or on a propane stove. Bring your own food and sleeping bag. River Camp is a tobacco, alcohol and drug free site. Hope to see you here!

      To register, please fill out and mail in the Medical History (PDF) and Liability Waiver and Release (PDF) forms, along with a check for $100 to reserve your spot. The balance can be paid upon arrival. Or register online through the shopping cart system and send the paperwork separately.

Braintan Buckskin Hide Tanning Class

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